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Friday, September 28, 2007

Connor's 7th Birthday, Patrick Uses a Spoon & More Sports

So this is a longer post with lots of pictures and my first attempt at adding a video clip!

First - Connor just turned last Saturday. Mommy brought cupcakes into his 1st grade class and we had Grammy and Grandpa Paul visiting for the week-end.

On his actual birthday we went to Connor's restaurant of choice, Pizzeria Uno, where we had the waiters and waitresses all come and sing to Connor!

Grammy brought Molly Dog with her and the boys just loved having a dog to play with.
Ok - so Patrick had a few messy days over the last week eating his dinner. Below is Patrick eating spagetti.
And here's our little love trying to eat his yogurt with a spoon. It went pretty well until Mommy took some video - and well, see for yourself.

Below is Connor at his soccer game last week-end.
And our football player, Liam is below at his game, which ended up being their first loss. Below is an action shot of Liam - defending against two offensive line men and despite the 2 vs. 1, Liam stays standing. I've also cropped a close up below.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Calling All Sports Fans!

Saturday in September at the McLaughlin household means 2 things this year: Soccer and Football!

And today BOTH games were at the same time. So Adam took Liam to his football game and I took Patrick and Connor to Connor's soccer game. After Connor's game was over we headed over to catch the last quarter of Liam's game. As you can see below, Patrick is getting quite used to kickin' back on the sideline in a lawnchair!

That's Connor outside our house...... and yes that's a parking meter in front of our garage - it came with the house but I like it!

Connor getting some play time in his game.

Liam posing in our kitchen before leaving for his game. I can't believe he's playing football - and liking it so much!

Liam behind that big helmet.
That's Liam getting ready to go in .. he's the one with McLaughlin on his jersey of course!

Post game shot after winning 30 to 13!

Connor & Liam..... Connor's team won too - technically they don't keep score - but you know how boys are!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First Day Of School & Other Pictures Too

Liam and Connor started their new school yesterday. Below two pictures are taken outside our house - as you can see we have some lovely gardens. Let's hope I don't kill everything with my not so green thumb!

Also below are some pictures taken over the last month - of Liam outside our house. Liam has found a tree that he likes to climb up into and read! Also down below is my big football player. Will take more pictures this week-end at his big season opener football game. Many of you have heard me go on about football - all I can say is that Pennsylvania and Texas have a few things in common. Taking football too seriously would be one! No offense to my family in Texas!!

Will try and add some interior pictures of the house as we get stuff done. Patrick's room is now painted but not yet fully unpacked. Connor's is in progress. So more to come! Check back!