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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Larkin Family Wedding

October brought a trip to Florida to attend Steve & Britton's wedding. We had a great time and awesome weather.

On Friday we attended a pre-party where Patrick fell in love with little Stella. After dancing together for about a half hour, he promptly declared that Stella was his "new best friend".

And we had some sleepovers while we there... mostly Matthew sleeping over at our room!

Below is Liam and Robbie digging a hole at the beach.
The beach and warm water was a great excuse for some FOOTBALL!

Below is a picture of Adam and I...
And here's Rick & I...
And the foursome of Rick, Helen, Adam and I...
At the wedding Liam and Connor offered the guests water bottles. Connor (ever the entrepreneur) asked if he could charge $1!
Here comes the groom with his mom, Aunt Rasma.
Robbie did a reading...(and did an AWESOME job)
Husband & wife!!

Below is my brother Mike and I..
And here I am with the father of the groom, my uncle Ron.
This is me and my dad...
Connor, Liam and Robbie looking so handsome!
And all the little Larkins.... from left to right, Patrick, Connor, Liam, Robbie, Matthew, Andrew (holding Avia - FINALLY a girl in the family!), Luke and Tristan.
The handsome groom!
Dad and Paula...
I was lucky to catch the following pictures. The boys were all goofing around after the ceremony, before the reception. And they started to dance and form a little chain. I just love this little series...

All for now... next post should have some Halloween pictures!


Blogger KRob5858 said...

Ah, the beach in October. It doesn't get much better than that does it? Looks like you guys had a great time at the wedding!

3:01 PM  

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