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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Spring Sports & Patrick Turns 3

So now that spring is almost behind us, here's an update with pictures from Liam & Connor's sports and Patrick's 3rd birthday.

Patrick has been a very good sports spectator this season... here he is with his sunglasses and hat!

And Connor had a great baseball season. Here he is at bat... most of the time this season he got at least to base and many times he made runs.

And here he is playing catcher... that guy running home doesn't stand a chance!

Liam, on the other hand, prefers Lacrosse and again played goalie this year. He did have some competition this year (last year no one else wanted in goal) but did great again this season.

Here's an action shot, with Liam protecting his goal!

And below is Liam after a game where he predicted and delivered a shut-out, his team winning 6 to 0.

And this photo below was taken at the above lacrosse game - but Connor took the photo. Adam and I are quite impressed with his photographic skil!

Here's another shot of Patrick, enjoying yet another sporting event.

Last week end Connor and I took in a Phillies game - awesome seats (thank you J&J) and a beautiful day.

On May 12th, our little Patrick turned 3! Hard to believe that he is such a big boy now! We celebrated his birthday with his class. He was very excited to have a birthday party at "school".
And here's a picture of the whole McLaughlin family!

And finally, many of you who follow my blog, know of the events that happened to my family in April. I thank everyone for your support over the past couple of months and the time we have ahead of us. It has been and will continue to be a struggle. Getting back to posting on my blog was something I struggled to do... I guess because it represents life looking normal. And so much is just not normal now. But as a mom to my 3 boys and as a wife to Adam, I have to get back to some semblance of normal. And so finally, here in June, I've posted on my blog. Should make the next time easier. But I'll end this post with a picture of my lovely Aunt Myra and Uncle Dick. They were beautiful people, loved by many and now missed by everyone who knew them. After 51 years of marriage, they now remain together for eternity.


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