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Monday, October 15, 2007

Long Time No Blog

Sorry for the delay in updating to my blog. I like to think that people actually look at this for all the time it takes me to update it.... if you do look at it please leave a comment once in a while!

Anyway... the last few weeks have been BUSY! This past week-end we finally had Connor's official birthday party with his friends. We had friends from NJ, new friends from PA and really old friends from pre-school. His party was at a Putt-Putt Golf center near our home -and the kids all seemed to have a really good time.

Also this past week-end, Connor got his turn playing goalie! Here he is getting ready to defend his goal.

Two weeks ago, I went up for my 20th reunion at RIT. On Friday night I met up with my old friend Rick, his wife Anne and their two adorable kids. We went to the Strong Children's Museum. Below is Patrick in one of the little cars - looks like he's ready for the speedway!

At RIT, I met up with my roomate Nancy. Below is Connor, Patrick and Nancy's daughter McKenzie with the RIT Tiger.

Below is just a cute picture of Connor & Patrick I took while they were watching Teletubbies together. So cute...

And last but not least is a not so little Groundhog, we've named Fatty. Fatty lives in our back yard back by some firewood and makes an appearance every day or so. She is very shy and quick - so we were lucky to get this picture.

All for now... will have pictures of Liam next posting I promise. He continues to do well in football. Both the boys seem to be adjusting well to their new school.