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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Wishes Come True

Christmas was very exciting at the McLaughlin home this year. On Christmas Eve, Aunt Beth and her boyfriend Mike came to be with us and stayed over night. Below is Aunt Beth with the boys... we walked down to the end of our lane and gave the ponies (Nip and Tuck) a Christmas apple treat. Patrick loves to visit our "neighbors".

As for Christmas morning.... well the McLaughlin boys were all very good this year and Santa recognized them accordingly. Connor got the very much desired PSP which Mom and Dad were just sure that Santa could not supply as we did not think that he had technology capability. How wrong we were! Proving this theory wrong again, Santa brought Liam the red iPod Nano! The boys both proclaimed that this was the best Christmas ever! Patrick was very happy with his toys as well. He loves his Little People Bus and Thomas light toy. After opening presents, Grandma & Grandpa McLaughlin came and....... brought us all even MORE presents!

As part of our winter break, we took the boys to the Franklin Institue in Philadelphia. Liam got picked to be volunteer... here's a little video of him:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Counting Down To the BIG Day!!

Happy Holidays!! The McLaughlin Family household is a bustle of activity. Today the big boys have gone into New York City to meet Grandpa McLaughlin and go see a New York Knicks game. This is an annual tradition for Grandpa and Dad - and it's the first year that Liam & Connor have been included.

As usual, below are some pictures of the kids...

Here Liam and Connor are sharing the computer with Patrick. He actually sat there with them for about 15 minutes!

And here's a video of Liam taken on Friday... the 3rd grade class did a Poetry Cafe. Liam read 3 different poems. He did a really nice job and seemed to really enjoy writing them. At the end you'll hear the teacher call him Lee - and he promptly corrects her!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

'Tis The Season...

Happy Holidays!! November and December have been very busy in the McLaughlin family. Liam's football team made it to the playoffs - but ended up losing in the semi finals. But it was a great season for our rookie Liam. He can't wait to play again next year

We've also been busy painting our new house. We've completed 5 rooms in 4 months. We picked out what we thought was going to be red for the den. It turned out to look like salmon or pink. So as you can see below, Adam had some fun priming over it!

Patrick continues to grow and entertain us all. He's now 18 months - but acts very much like a 2 year old on occasion!

Here's a nice shot of each of the boys... followed by a little holiday video taken this morning. Enjoy!