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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here Comes A Long Post

Well this past Memorial Day week-end I drove with the 3 kids up to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Adam had to stay home to do a big project at the house. We had a great time on our trip and the boys were all very good in the car (Patrick did have his moments - repeatidly saying "Out").

We had a great time at the "Falls" and the weather was picture perfect.

The boys and I went on the Maid of the Mist which is the boat shown in the picture below. It goes right up to the falls - hence the ponchos that we're all wearing below.

After spending the morning at the falls, we then went over to my friends Suellen and Johns' house where they hosted a little reunion party for both me and JungEun who we had not seen in 25 years! Below is a photo of Suellen and JungEun.
And below is Allayne, Gary and John...
Below is Robin, Jodi and Jodi's son Joshua...
Below is JungEun and me...
Below is JungEun's son Jacob and Connor...
Below is Connor and Suellen's son John Paul...
Below is Patrick on the slide that I swear he went up and down on like 30 times!
Below is Suellen's daughter Adele....
Below is a cute picture of John Paul...
Below is Robin's daughters Allysa and Amanda, along with Jodi's son Joshua...
We drove home on Sunday - and after spending so much time in the car, Connor and Patrick wanted a photo pretenting to drive the car! How I wish that they could have helped me out!On Monday after we were home, Liam had to finish a school assignment, where he had to produce a tourism advertisement for Philadelphia. They had the option of doing a print ad, poster or video. Of course, Liam wanted to do the video. And we took advantage of our time at Niagara Falls too! So as you are considering your summer travel plans, don't be a freak - come to Philadelphia!!! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Spring!!! Below is a picture of our family taken just yesterday at Patrick's 2nd birthday party. But wait a second - I have not written in this blog since February! So before I get to Patrick's birthday - I have some other updating to do...

In February, Uncle Mike came east from Colorado for a sporting goods show in Harrisburg. Liam, Connor and I drove out for the day to see him at his Elk Hunting booth. Yes that is cow with elk antlers - I'm not exactly sure why - but it caused for a lot of folks to stop at his booth!

We only got one snow storm this winter. Here's Liam and Connor getting ready to go play in the snow - but looking all tough!

And here they are outside our house next to our little spring house.

This spring the boys both started some new spring sports. Liam is playing lacrosse - and volunteered to play goalie. He's doing an excellent job in goal and has some natural ability according to his coaches. His true love is still football - but it gives him something to do until August!

Here's Liam passing the ball out from the goal.

And here's a cute shot of Connor and Patrick on the sidelines of Liam's game.

The real scheduling fun started when Connor started baseball. It's machine pitch this year and Connor seems to really like it. He also is missing his two front teeth right now!

Here's Connor in his full uniform.

Ok.... now back to Patrick's birthday. Here's Patrick with his friend Marco and our neighbor Abbie.

And here he is eating his birthday cake. Yum!

And finally here's the birthday boy on his new Kawasaki battery operated car from Grandma & Grandpa!

I will try not to go so long between posts. Hope you are enjoying your spring as much as we are!