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Sunday, November 02, 2008

September & October In A Nutshell...

So now September and October have come and gone. The McLaughlin family was very busy with back to school, football, a birthday party and of course Halloween. This post will bring you up to date on those activities.

Below is Connor with his team mates. Next post I will share more football pictures as the season wraps up.
Adam was able to catch a few photos of a total of 5 deer that spent some time in our back yard.

September 22nd was Connor's 8th birthday! Here he is below with his 2nd grade teacher, Miss Colantonio. If you think she looks young - she IS. This is her 1st year teaching - and she is an alumni of Plymouth Elementary. In fact, the same principal was there when she was a student!
After cupcakes in his class, we went to visit Connor's 1st grade teacher, Ms. Sagel. Connor had saved her a cupcake! She introduced Connor to her new class as her "math whiz" from last year.
For Connor's birthday party, he invited 4 of his best buddies and we took them all to Dave & Busters. Below is Connor with Michael, Bryan, Cameron and John.
We also had Aunt Beth, Chief Mike, Grandma and Grandpa McLaughlin at the party. Below is Patrick with his grandparents.

Happy Birthday Connor!
Ok, now to Halloween..... I was able to work from home which enabled me to sneak away and attend Connor's party and parade. This is the start of Connor's class in the parade. The sign reads "Wrong Parade". Many kids (& parents) were absent as they were attending the World Series Champions Phillies parade which also occurred Friday afternoon.

That's Connor as Iron Man..
On Halloween evening, Patrick was in complete PROTEST mode when it came to putting on his Pooh costume. Mommy finally got it on him but he was in complete hysterics. We all tried to console him - and he reached out to hit anyone that came close... earning the nick name "Evil Winnie The Pooh"!
However once outside, with pumpkin in hand... he really got into the swing of things. He spent lots of time out of his stroller going Trick or Treating with his big brothers, but eventually got a little tired and needed a rest.

And here are the 3 McLaughlin boys.... more pictures of Liam next time! He wasn't sure he was going to participate this year in Halloween, but in the end decided to join in.