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Monday, February 04, 2008

Winter: Half Way There

So January is done and now we're forging our way through February. In our neck of the woods, January and February are the brunt of the winter. So we're feeling pretty good so far about the winter we've been dealt. Wednesday of this week it's even supposed to hit 70 degrees. Not bad!

As for January, we pretty much spent every waking moment painting our dining room red. It was the 6th room that we've painted in 6 months - and by far the most difficult. (Not to mention getting all this painting done with 3 kids & full time jobs!) Between the 3 windows, 3 doorways, built in book case and fireplace - well let's just say the trim took the most part. But it turned out pretty awesome in our humble opinion. We have a little collection of antique posters - and we even hung one of these in the dining room yesterday. It's finally starting to feel like home around here.

Additionally this month, Liam had his football awards banquet. In the life of a 9 year old boy - being awarded your first trophy is a pretty special day. Unfortunately for his younger brother, this brought on tears as he sadly reflected on the fact that he does not yet have a trophy of his own. Soon Connor, soon!

I promise more pictures of the kids next post!