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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Connor's 9th, Halloween, Football & NYC Marathon

Well, we've been pretty busy over the last month or so since my last posting.

We'll start with Connor's birthday bash. He had 4 of his best buddies over for a night of pizza, video games and sleepover silliness. The boys stayed up until about 1am and were all up at about 7am. It was our first big sleepover party - but I think it was a success! Here are all the boys in our dining room enjoying some pizza.

Next came Halloween. Connor dressed up as Michael Jackson. It was a great costume and a big hit!
Patrick was Thomas the Tank Engine as seen below. He insisted in starting out in the stroller - but don't worry as soon as he realized there was candy at stake he wanted out of that stroller and was very into getting as much candy as possible.

Now below are my "in-laws" and it was our first time having them come for Halloween. I didn't realize that the adults in Long Island, NY dress up for Halloween. But apparently they do. No pictures of Adam and I as we were not in costume!

This is Connor and his friend John at a neighborhood house. These people take Halloween just a little too seriously!
Here are some pictures of Connor and Liam playing football. Football pretty much consumes our fall - starting in August and going through to now. We had our last games this past weekend.

This is Connor below, listening to his coach talk to his team after a tough loss.

And here is Aunt Beth, Liam, Connor & Patrick.
A great shot of Connor and his teamate Bryan.
Patrick on the sidelines with his friend Michael.
Liam on the sidelines during one of his games.
Liam in the huddle (he's #74)
Liam is the second blue/white player from the left, making a tackle.
Unfortunately Liam's team also lost this game, knocking them out of the playoffs. Many of the kids were in tears, including his friend Nick, below.
Post game hotdog with dad.
I also went into Manhattan on November 1st to cheer on my friend Heidi who ran in the NYC Marathon for the first time. This is Heidi at about mile 17 (out of 26). We met up with her at 1st and 68th. I don't think I would be smiling - let alone glowing!
We then crossed town and ventured into Central Park. And we found her again!
So then we tried to go to the finish line.... bad idea. As you can see, it got pretty congested. These are all runners after the finish line. I'm actually on a pedestrian bridge crossing over them.
Kelley, Kim, Heidi, Karen and I when we finally caught up with might Heidi after the race.
And a great shot of Heidi... with a very appropriate poster behind her.
Hope you are enjoying your fall as much as we have been!!


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