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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Winter is FINALLY coming to a close...

As you may have heard... we got a TON of snow this year. Here are some pictures from the last big storm....

Check out these icicles!
On President's Day the boys and I went down to the Franklin Institute. Brave Liam rode the Sky Bike for the first time. Yikes!

Here's Connor and Patrick in a fighter plane...

And the four of us with Ben Franklin

Last night (yes.. just last night) we finally celebrated Liam's birthday. When your birthday is January 6th and your parents both work, scheduling the birthday party can be a challenge. But this was the worst year yet in terms of how late is was. However, the boys (and us) had such a great time. We took Liam and 4 of his best buds to Dave & Busters. The boys are a really nice bunch of kids - with amazing wit for only 11! They were laughing all night - as were we. Especially when they were telling stories of Mrs. Penn - their typing teacher (ironic name, huh?)

Below from L to R is Nick, Shane, Connor and Liam

Mr. Comedy... aka Shane

Beginning the laughter... Shane, Nick & Liam...

Nick, Liam, Jake and Zach...

Shane, Nick Liam and Jake..

The whole crew: Jake, Shane, Nick, Liam and Zach.
We both told Liam that we were really pleased with his choice of friends. They are a really great group of nice, polite but hysterically funny boys. And the good news is that most of them will be together this summer for camp!


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